Data Cables

CAT7 SFTP Ethernet Cable PUR Jacket
Specifically created for mobile outdoor transmission, this CAT7 cable is flexible, strong and was designed...
CAT6 STP Ethernet Cable PUR Jacket
CAT6 cable with a polyurethane jacket specifically designed for mobile and rugged applications.
CAT6 U/UTP Ethernet Cable
CAT6 cables designed for fixed installation in local area networks.
CAT6 STP Solid Bare Ethernet Cable
CAT6 cable with shielded twisted pair wiring ideal for fast data rate Ethernets
CAT6 UTP Solid Bare Ethernet Cable
CAT6 cable with unshielded twisted pair wiring ideal for fixed applications.
CAT5E Solid Bare Ethernet Cable
CAT5E cable specifically designed for long distance cabling runs.
CAT6 SFTP Stranded Wire Ethernet Cable
CAT6 cable with superior shielding to block outside interference.
CAT6 UTP Stranded Wire Ethernet Cable
High performing and extra flexible CAT6 cable.
CAT5E Stranded Wire Ethernet Cable
CAT5E patch cable with stranded wires to ensure maximum flexibility.
CAT6A Multicore Ethernet + Power Hybrid Cable
Quad core CAT6 and 32A three-phase power conductors to carry multiple Ethernet lines and power...
CAT6 SF/UTP Ethernet + Power Hybrid Cables
Hybrid range designed to address the growing need to transmit Ethernet and power over one...
CAT6 SF/UTP Ethernet + Digital Audio + Power Hybrid Cables
Hybrid cables for data, digital audio and power.
Multicore CAT6 F/UTP Ethernet Cables
4 or 6 Ethernet connections in a single cable.
Multicore CAT6 F/UTP Ethernet + AES/EBU Digital Audio Cables
Hybrid cables with 2, 6 or 12 AES/EBU digital audio pairs and 2 CAT6 cores.
Multicore CAT6 F/UTP Ethernet + RG6 Coaxial Video Cable
Hybrid cable made of 3 CAT6 F/UTP and 4 RG6 coaxial cables designed specially for...

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