Power Cables

Single Pair Powered DMX Cable
DMX cable with one data pair and two voltage supply pairs for the transmission of...
Powered DMX Cable UV Proof PUR Jacket
DMX cable with one data pair and two voltage supply pairs with a special tough...
Powered AES/EBU Digital Audio Cables
Hybrid speaker and power cable available with 3 x 1.50 mm² or 3 x 2.08...
Power + Audio/DMX Hybrid Cables
Hybrid cables available with a 3 x 1.50 mm² jacketed power line and 1/2 double...
CAT6A Multicore Ethernet + Power Hybrid Cable
Quad core CAT6 and 32A three-phase power conductors to carry multiple Ethernet lines and power...
CAT6 SF/UTP Ethernet + Power Hybrid Cables
Hybrid range designed to address the growing need to transmit Ethernet and power over one...
CAT6 SF/UTP Ethernet + Digital Audio + Power Hybrid Cables
Hybrid cables for data, digital audio and power.
Powered Multicore Single-Mode Fibre Optic Cable
Tactical cable with the unique ability to deliver power and any kind of signal for...
Multi-Conductor Lighting Power Cables
Lighting power cables designed to maintain their integrity in the harshest of touring conditions.
Multi-Conductor Power + Ethernet Cables
Designed for transporting 6 circuits of 20A power and multiple data types.
Multi-Conductor Power + CAT5 SFTP Ethernet Flat Cable
Hybrid flat lighting cable that offers a single solution for transporting data and power to...
Chain Hoist Power + Control Cables
Specially designed for the special applications of control and power “Fly” cables for chain hoists.

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